Meet The Meditation Prescription

Find out where and when you can meet the Meditation Prescription. Our team speaks frequently on meditation and stress reduction, give keynotes, teaches classes on meditation, conscious leadership and business communication, and other health and wellness topics.

If you are interested in having Skip Lackey, founder of the Meditation Prescription, speak at a future event, please contact our office directly at 917.405.3182 to learn more.

Skip has been instrumental in clearing "unconscious" emotional blocks

Skip has been instrumental in clearing "unconscious" emotional blocks / crystalizing moments of one's past, to allow one to live a life of True Freedom. His Meditation Prescription tapes are long over due for those who want to heal and clear the disease consciousness of their ailments.

He is amongst the greats for creating the results you know you deserve, yet they have been alluding you.

Thank You Skip for all you have done and continue to do.

Erik Hansen
Health & Wellness Coach

Skip is like no other mentor.

"I worked with Skip through seminars he was leading for almost 2 years. I can honestly say that Skip truly gave me the gift of ME and guided me on the path of living in that space wholly and completely. He is like no other mentor I have ever met - full of truth, love, patience, and understanding and can guide anyone into themselves, to live their true and full potential, if they choose. I will always be grateful to him for his authentic and integral willingness to BE himself 100% of the time - vulnerable, open, willing to share even the deepest parts of himself so that I could move forward. Thank you Skip for really helping me to live my life with enthusiasm and joy and no longer hide behind the fears I believed were real. I love you dearly!"

Susan Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW
CEO/Founder - True Visionaries, Inc
Licensed Psychotherapist, Emotion/Vision Coach, Author, Speaker

Skip has a way of reflecting us back to ourselves

“Skip has a way of reflecting us back to ourselves; in his humanness he makes ours acceptable. He is gently honest. I will never forget the day he cut through all my crap and looked me in the eyes and simply said… "Trust yourself." Skip is a gift and I have learned so much from him. Thank you Skip!”

Lori Mangano – Registered Art Therapist

Skip Lackey’s relaxing demeanor

Skip Lackey’s relaxing demeanor assured a level of safety in the room that allowed all of us to instantly come together as a group. His wonderful humor and antidotes were heart felt as we opened up our hearts to share all types of stories. I could see and feel a room full of people opening up to a knowledge and a presence of awareness that had not been there just an hour earlier.

Paris Sinclair

The session was simply FANTASTIC!!!

“I just had Skip in to do another training session with my Management Team which consists of 52 individuals in a variety of leadership positions. The session was simply FANTASTIC!!! I have only heard raving reviews. Several members of the team are long-term employees – they have 20 to 25 years with the company – and they said, it was by far the best training we have provided them yet! Thanks Skip!”

Theresa Shave
Executive Director, Living Alternatives for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.

Skip has made a remarkable impact on and in my life

“Skip has made a remarkable impact on and in my life, and I will always be VERY grateful for everything that he’s taught me and brought out in me.”

Kiran Asher
Business Owner

I would not be where I am today, were it not for who you are

“I would not be where I am today, were it not for who you are. Hearing your presentation that first snowy night in Ottawa, as you made us laugh and cry with your great humor, authenticity and big heart, was what opened me up and kept me engaged thereafter. It brings to mind what I have always known deep in my heart – it’s not the medium, tools, or "expertise" which facilitate our healing so much as the space created, around and within the humble heart of the holder, and with the vision held of us that we ourselves have not yet experienced. This is what transforms lives; you Skip, are that and more.”

Colette Conheady

I highly recommend learning from and doing business with them

“Skip and Kristine Lackey have been meditation, guided imagery, and life mentors to me for over five years. I met them after my second experience with breast cancer when my world had been turned upside down and inside out.  They helped me to see/know/accept that the turning upside down and inside out was exactly what I needed to find peace, freedom, and lasting healing in my life.

Before I met them, I was unwilling or unable to see my own responsibility in creating both my problems and solutions in life. After working with them, I learned to relax, stay open, focus, be honest with myself, and become my own authority on what I need.

 Their commitment to conscious communication, healthy dynamics, and personal growth as well as their humility and willingness to honestly share their own paths of development (including the good, the bad, and the ugly) has both inspired me and given me permission to do the same in my own life with my friends, family, community, clients, and audiences.

 I highly recommend learning from and doing business with them.”

Kerri J. Geary

Thank you with all my heart

“I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude for all the ways your love and work have been woven into The Warrior Connection. I do not have words to convey how significantly my year with you shaped what I have been able to offer to warriors, their spouses and their communities. Again, thank you with all my heart. My year was invaluable and an essential "bread crumb" on my spiritual and professional path.”

Anne Black, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Creator of The Warrior Connection

The heart of a swami

“Skip Lackey has the charm of a movie star and the heart of a swami. I tried to plant my doubts on him, but they just wouldn’t stick. Skip’s application of history’s wisdom held me in my seat.”

Jason Love
Journalist & Talk Show Host

The rest of my pregnancy went extremely well.

I was about 28 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, when my doctor told me I was dilated 2 centimeters and 10% effaced. During both my other pregnancies I ended up being on months of bed rest and delivered early, so this news was terrifying to me. I called Skip up and simply said... “HELP”!! When I met up with Skip, I was feeling kind of doubtful that some kind of guided imagery would magically help my body, but I had hope. During the guided imagery, I envisioned a medicine woman applying a healing salve over my cervix and asking my body to hold my baby in until she was ready to be born. I felt very much at peace after and truly believed something was shifting almost immediately. One week later I went to my doctor and told her I was fine and that bed rest was not needed. She thought I was pretty funny until she checked my cervix and found that I was completely closed back up!! The rest of my pregnancy went extremely well. As my due date approached, I was beginning to wonder when I would actually go into labor, I had never been pregnant for so many weeks. The day before my due date I called Skip back up and said “HELP... How on earth can I undo what I had done so I could finally go into labor?!” After we had a few giggles about the situation, he led me through another guided visualization. The next morning I was scheduled to be induced and while in the waiting room, my contractions started all on their own... Needless to say, I was shocked! I went right into labor was able to have a completely natural labor and delivery. That day I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and named her “Grace”.

Amy Kauer
Busy Mother of 3
Rigby, Idaho

Skip helped me improve my relationship with my Mom

I can honestly say the energy shift that took place with the guided imagery that I did at the events with Skip helped me improve my relationship with my Mom and more importantly with myself. I feel the work done at those events had a lot to do with my ability to finally manifest the family I always wanted. Thank you for that!

Cheryl Gramp
Mother of 2
Hackettstown, NJ