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Traditional Meditation is practiced in silence, on one’s own, while focusing all of your attention on something singular such as being in the moment, your breath, a mantra or an intention. While this type of meditation can have great benefits, it’s often initially met with a tremendous amount of doubt, frustration and impatience by people new to meditation; and, it’s often not ideal for the busy lifestyles we lead today.

The Meditation Prescription offers a series of guided meditations that enable you to be directed by an expert who does much of the work for you! Our approach enables your mind to come to a deep place of stillness in a shorter amount of time. Our meditations can be purchased as “downloads” so that you can have them right NOW – and so that they may be used anywhere at anytime. We offer a range of meditations that can be completed in just a few minutes and others that require a greater commitment of time.

An Overview of Our Products

Our products are highly specialized experiences that have been designed and created for very specific physical and emotional issues. We offer than as direct “downloads” so that you can have them within minutes of your decision to purchase them.  We have also divided into three LEVELS of experience, and we offer a variety of experiences within each level.  Read through what we have on offer and contact us if you have any questions or would like some additional information.

LEVEL I Products

Level I Products were created to introduce you to fundamental meditation and guided imagery skills and practices. They include a variety of different meditation experiences so that you can see which techniques work best for you. These meditations are the shortest in duration, allowing you to start with the basics and work your way up from there. If you are new to meditation and guided imagery – we recommend starting with Level I products, as they are designed to meet your general physical, mental and emotional needs.

Click on the links for more information:

Introduction to Guided Meditation (2 CD’s) – Level I

Mindfulness Meditations – Level I

Effortless Sleep – Level I


LEVEL II Products

Level II Products were created to work in conjunction with Level I skills and practices. These products are specialized meditations that focus on specific physical or behavioral issues. Because of their pinpointed intention and your desire to go deeper, these guided meditations may be longer in duration than Level I meditations.

Mindfulness Meditations (2 CD’s) – Level II

Reducing Anxiety and Stress – Level II

Meditation Prescription for CANCER – Level II

Meditation Prescription for STROKE – Level II

Making Friends With Feelings – Level II

The Gold Star Technology – Level II

Interludes (2 CD’s) – Level II


LEVEL III Products

Level III Products were created to help clients address specific issues, and as such they “work deeper” by focusing on emotional components and/or a longer experiences. These meditations feature guided introspections and contemplations in the form of what we refer to as “process work.” These meditations are designed to uncover deeper issues so that you can resolve and clear them at the root core. This style of deep “process work” has a track record of being very effective. Of the three levels, Level III products are designed to give you the optimal experience in relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration.

Mindfulness Meditation – Level III

Meditation Prescription for CANCER – Level III

Meditation Prescription for STROKE – Level III


We are working to build a larger library of support for specific physical and emotional issues — Here is what we have in the works at this moment. Email us and let us know what other meditations and guided imagery you would like to see added to our site for you, your clients and patients.

Meditation Prescription for DEPRESSION — Level II and III 
Meditation Prescription for HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE — Level II and III
Meditation Prescription for STOMACH ISSUES — Level II and III
Meditation Prescription for CHEMO THERAPY — Level II and III
Meditation Prescription for DIALYSIS — Level II and III
Meditation Prescription for WEIGHT LOSS — Level II and III
Meditation Prescription for ADDICTIONS — Level II and III
And more…


NOTE: If you were going to start a workout routine, it might be difficult to go out and run a marathon on the first day. Give yourself the gift of patience and time to work your way into what we have on offer. You will benefit with every step that you take along the way.

Explanation of our Featured Experiences –

As we mentioned earlier, our meditations include a variety of different meditation experiences so that you can see which techniques work best for you. The techniques featured in our products include:

Introductory Meditations:

Short recordings that explore the benefits of meditating and offer basic instruction.

Breath Meditations:

Short recordings that guide you through the art of deep relaxed breathing.

Silent Meditations:

Short timed meditations that can be done throughout your day. This is the more traditional experience of meditation. You will be guided into and out of periods of silence.

Guided Meditations:

Short recordings that gently guide you into a practice of “mindfulness” – a state where you are in the moment and not thinking about the past, the future or any other distractions.

Supportive Affirmative Messaging (SAM’s):

Designed to put you in a positive frame of mind.

Walking Meditations:

Designed to teach you meditation techniques that can be used when you’re on the move.

Guided Imagery Meditations:

Designed to help you dive deeper into your own healing process.

Binaural Beats:

Designed to enable the brain to synchronize its own electric cycles in order to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and in some cases provide control over pain.

Musical Meditations:

Feature musical tracks that enable you to relax, de-stress and be in the moment.

Guided Introspections:

Designed to help you get to the emotional root cause of an issue.

Process Work:

Guided introspections and contemplations that gently direct you by asking specialized questions in order to unearth deeper awarenesses around the specific issues you are looking to clear.


Other techniques that we have found to be very beneficial to your overall experience of meditation.