Meditation Prescription for STROKE – Level III


This CD is best used by those who have completed Level II CD for Stroke or those who have been practicing personal growth or meditation for some time now.

The recordings on this Level III CD, are specifically designed to alleviate the stress, anxiety, and frustration that can occur at a very deep level in people that experienced the effects of a Stroke at a deeper level than the Level II experiences. It also helps address other emotional and psychological issues that can show up during your rehabilitation.

Narrated by Meditation Prescription Founder – Skip Lackey

Music by Grammy Award winner Barry Goldstein.

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The experiences on this specific CD are meant for someone that has done some personal growth work or meditation in the past and is ready to dive in to guided meditation for more than just a few minutes.  It provides them with an opportunity to use this guided meditation ongoing

The Golden Chalice for Stroke –  We begin with a longer guided meditation designed to clear out negative emotional residue and self-judgment that may occur during your treatment and then provides the listener with the opportunity to replenish your spirit with positive and healthy emotional resources on the path health and wholeness.

The Vortex for Stroke – There is also another guided meditation that is designed to clear any fear, negativity, self-doubt, anger, frustration etc that can sometimes show up when dealing with the emotional baggage on the path to healing.  These guided meditations will leave you resting in peace and stillness.


Track List w/ Samples

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1 Golden Chalice for Stroke

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2 Vortex for Stroke


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