Mindfulness Meditations – Level 1


Those of us who chose to make meditation a part of our daily practice tend to make this choice originally to alleviate stress, pain and/or mental discomfort. We soon learn there is so much more to experience when we get to a place of mindfulness or the act of being present to ourselves just as we are without judgment or a desire to be any different then we already are.

The Mindfulness Meditation CD has been designed for those new to meditating in silence. You will be guided to use your breath as a focal point so that your awareness turns inward toward you and your body as opposed to outward on the rest of the world. The intention is not to stop thinking but to actually be aware of the thoughts that come into the silence, bring your focus back onto the breath and allow the thoughts to naturally slip away. Eventually you will notice how your thoughts drop away completely and you are left in a place of stillness – which is believed to hold your true brilliance, creativity and sense of overall well being.

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You will be guided into timed periods of silence at the different intervals – 3, 5 and 10 minutes.
No need to concern yourself with knowing when that time frame is up as you will hear a soothing chime letting your mind and body know that it is time to open your eyes and softly bring your awareness back into the room.

An added bonus is the Power of Sound Meditation where you will be gently guided by a tone that is tuned to the frequency of your heart into the stillness. The sensation of the tone creates a rhythmic vibration in your body which some have equated to the feeling of being cradled by …

Toning and narration by the Meditation Prescription Founder – Skip Lackey


Mindfulness Meditation Level 1 Sample Track

The Power of Sound

Track List

  1. 3 min Mindfulness Meditation
  2. 5 min Mindfulness Meditation
  3. 10 min Mindfulness Meditation
  4. The Power of Sound


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