Interludes – Level II


With Patricia Kendall, Ph.D., LSHC 

A two-CD set of guided mediations, visualizations and tools for meeting life’s challenges gracefully and moving forward in clarity, strength and peace.

These deep meditations and visualizations are designed to give you a time-out in the rapid-paced game of your life.  Time to take a deep breath and consciously choose how you wish to meet your life’s challenges and receive its gifts.  Time to step back, to be still. Time to see clearly, to let go of what doesn’t serve you, to heal the past and be renewed.  And, time to relax into new, healthy ways of responding to specific life challenges such as:

  • Clearing tension and resistance to life.
  • Making peace with your body.
  • Releasing old family patterns and trauma.
  • Consciously and powerfully welcoming chemo or radiation.
  • Starting fresh and moving forward.
  • Opening into your heart’s desire.


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Track List w/ Samples

Time Out

Chemo or Radiation

The Healing Pool

Heart’s Desire

Staying Awake


CD 1: (73:15)

  1. Time Out (4:15)
  2. The Current (13:39)
  3. Loving the Body (24:08)
  4. Family Clearing (22:56)
  5. Chemo or Radiation (8:13)

CD 2: (69:34)

  1. The Healing Pool (9:55)
  2. Heart’s Desire (29:52)
  3. Staying Awake (12:00)
  4. Expansion (16:27)


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