Reducing Anxiety and Stress – Level II


The recordings on this Level II CD are specifically designed to reduce levels of anxiety, stress and an over-active mind by giving the mind the very specific job of having pinpont focus and then letting it go.  Level II recordings are for those more familiar and adapt at meditation and who wish to experience a more pinpointed and deeper process.

Narrated by Meditation Prescription Founder – Skip Lackey

Music by Grammy Award winner Barry Goldstein.

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Inside you will find the following Guided Meditations:

The Vortex Process for Fear has been shown “to stop anxiety and fear in its tracks”.  It’s actually more than just a meditation for stress relief; it works with the mind in a very powerful way by meeting the overactive thoughts, requesting that they strengthen in quantity and quality and “halt” the process of an overactive mind. The abrupt stop allows for a very visceral sensation of peace and quiet.  We find that this works wonders for the vast majority of listeners and some may need to listen to it several times to get the full benefit.

The Golden Chalice Visualization works at a very deep cellular level to clear your body of stored old emotions, fears, self-judgments and negativity that we carry both consciously and unconsciously. In years of using this process, we have found that individuals feel clean, clear and rejuvenated as if emotional and physical blocks have been removed, leaving behind a refreshed sense of being.

The Vanishing Visualization is another tool used to give the mind a “job” where all attention is placed and focused upon a very specific point in the minds eye. Again, leaving the mind and body feeling a sense of peace, calm and relief.

We find that using the different tools during a regular meditation practice can ultimately lead to greater emotional intelligence at both work and home.


Track List w/ Samples

1 The Vortex Process for Fear

2 Golden Chalice Guided Imagery

3 Vanishing Visualization for Stress


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