Mindfulness Meditations (2 CD’s) – Level II


The Mindfulness Meditations Level II CD’s have been designed for those who are comfortable with the amount of time on Level I and who are seeking a deeper state of stillness and awareness in their meditations.

You will receive simple instructions and breathing exercises to help allow the mind to become still as you hear a chime guiding you into timed periods of silence at the different intervals – 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes. No need to concern yourself with knowing when that time frame is up as you will hear a soothing chime letting your mind and body know that it is time to open your eyes and softly bring your awareness back into the room.

Created and narrated by the Meditation Prescription Founder – Skip Lackey

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Track List w/ Samples

Mindfulness Meditation Sample

Track List

  1. 15 min Mindfulness Meditation
  2. 20 min Mindfulness Meditation
  3. 25 min Mindfulness Meditation
  4. 30 min Mindfulness Meditation


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