Meditation Prescription for CANCER – Level II


Stress affects our mind, body and spirit especially when faced with a serious diagnosis. It can weaken our ability to focus; weaken our immune system and create a profound amount of worry. All of which take up a load of energy that otherwise could be used to support your path of recovery.

The recordings on this Level II CD are specifically designed to alleviate the stress that can come with the diagnosis of Cancer and also address other issues that happen during your treatment.

Narrated by Meditation Prescription Founder – Skip Lackey

Music by Grammy Award winner Barry Goldstein.

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Inside you will find the following guided meditations:

Introduction to Guided Imagery discussing how to focus all of your intention and awareness on the specific physical health challenge you are wanting to target.

Origins of Health for Cancer – A guided visualization allowing you to address the long- standing belief that we are supposed to “fight and war” with Cancer.  Instead it asks you to bring positive energy to your body, mind and spirit by embracing your current situation.  It’s a fundamental way of looking at how to use guided meditation in a different way.

The White Wall for Pain – A simple process used to alleviate pain and discomfort experienced during or due to your treatment.

The Box of Beliefs for Cancer – A meditation that brings to your awareness any conscious and unconscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings or worries that come with a diagnosis.. All of which create a stress upon the body and zap its’ ability to recover and repair.  It is  a process of awareness and emptying out all of these unsupportive blocks. The listener is left feeling lighter, clear and more relaxed about the body’s ability to heal.

All of these are a step in the right direction on your path to wholeness.


Track List w/ Samples

1 Using Guided Imagery for Physical Issues

2 Origins of Health for Cancer

3 White Wall Pain Process

4 Box of Beliefs for Cancer


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