The Gold Star Technology – Level II


With Patricia Kendall, Ph.D., LSHC 

A new way to transform old habits and behaviors – and have fun doing it!

Tired of the Whip?

Have you noticed that the more painful and old, unproductive behavior or thought pattern is, the more stubbornly it resists all our efforts to change it?  So we spend weeks, months, years trying to whip ourself into shape, beating ourself up when we fail.  And even when we succeed, all that self-battering exacts a huge toll in physical stress, shame, frustration, inner warfare…

This CD will teach you to trade in your whip for something new: a simple, effort-free and actually enjoyable way to change old, unwanted thinking or behavioral patterns – fast.

You’ll get real-time practice in easily transforming old habits.  And you’ll discover the inner peace, love and support this new way brings.

Welcome to the Gold Star Technology!

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Track List w/ Samples

The Way We Were

The Gold Start Process

Burning The Whip

The Poor-Me Habit: Phase One

As You Move Forward

Contents: (69 mins)

  1. The Way We Were (7:07)
  2. Behavior Change: PT 101 (5:20)
  3. The Gold Start Process (15:20)
  4. Burning The Whip (10:21)
  5. The Whip Habit: Phase One (6:31)
  6. The Whip Habit: Phase Two (2:39)
  7. The What-If Habit: Phase One (6:30)
  8. The What-If Habit: Phase Two (2:46)
  9. The Poor-Me Habit: Phase One (8:13)
  10. The Poor-Me Habit: Phase Two (3:09)
  11. As You Move Forward (7:39)


To get in touch with Patricia – go to the “Bio” page link at the bottom of this page for her direct contact information.


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