Meditation Prescription for STROKE – Level II


Stress affects our mind, body and spirit especially when faced with a diagnosis that affects our overall body and lifestyle. Stress can weaken our ability to focus; weaken our immune system and create a profound amount of worry. All of which take up a load of energy that otherwise could be used to fight (what’s another word??), heal and recover.

The recordings on this Level II CD are specifically designed to alleviate the stress, anxiety, and frustration that can occur with having a Stroke; by specifically addressing any emotional, physical and psychological issues related to the diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Narrated by Meditation Prescription Founder – Skip Lackey

Music by Grammy Award winner Barry Goldstein.

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Inside you will find the following guided meditations:

Introduction to Guided Imagery discussing how to focus all of your intention and awareness on the after effects of a stoke.

The White Wall for Pain – A simple process used to alleviate pain and discomfort experienced due to the stroke and any physical therapy.

The “I See You” Process– was developed by a family member of a stroke patient where she focused on speaking to the whole body as it once was- whole and healed. It is a beautiful acknowledgment and positive affirmation beneficial to anyone feeling betrayed by their body.

The Present Moment Awareness Process – developed so that you may continue to move forward; removing any stuck feelings and creating a sense and knowing of hope


Track List w/ Samples

1 Using Guided Imagery for Physical Issues

2 White Wall Pain Process

3 I See You Process for Stroke

4 Present Moment Awareness Guided Imagery


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